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Importance Of Homams And Benefits
Since ancient days, Homam deserves a very important and a righteous place. In Hindu Mythology, Homa (also known as Homam or Havan) refers to a divine ritual
Shashtiabtha Poorthi In Thirukadaiyur
Significance of Thirukkadaiyur / Thirukkadavur is one of the Attan Veerattana Sthalams of Lord Shiva. The main deity is Amritaghateswarar, the lord with the pot of nectar, the Lord of Death,
Importance & Benefits Of Navagraha
When Navagraham (Planets) move from one place to another it brings about changes in certain people's wellbeing and wealth. By worshipping the Navagraha we get huge


This is one of the holy places of Saivism today. Legend has it that Mrikandu, a sage and devotee of Lord Siva, prayed to God to bless him with a son. God appeared and gave him a choice to select the type of child he wanted - An honest responsible and virtuous son who will live only for 16 years or a son who would live for 100 years but whose behavior is bad. Mrikandu chose the former.

The boy, named Markandeya also grew up to be an ardent devotee of Siva. The destined time came, when Yama (the lord of death) tried to snatch the life of the boy. Markandeya went to the temple and clutched at the Siva Lingam in a bid to escape death. Pleased by the boy's belief, Siva rescued him from death, incarnating him as Kalantaka (the ender of death).

Here the Lord Shiva killed Yama, for the sake of his votary and has known as Lord Mirthunjayamoorthi. Hence, people perform Shastiapthapoorthi at the begininning of 61st Age of their Star Birthday, Bheemaradha Shanthi at the beginning of 70th Age of their Star Birthday and Sadabishegam at the beginning of 80th Age of their Star Birthday. Other important functions take place here are Ayush-Homam for Children to remove the future Astrolgical difficulties arising from Navagrahas. If anybody is suffering from serious disease and is in the verge of their lives, Mirthunja-Homam is performed here to Lord to save their lives and to relieve them from all illness. This is a proven fact.


As per the legend. This famous temple helps to overcome the obstacles of Marriage . So many people are visiting to the temple and benefited. In the Temple, there is a special pooja for the person who seek for a nice partner. After the Marriage the Couple have to visit the temple to return or dispose the Prasatham in the Temple pond.

It is firmly believed even today that those men and women whose marriages are getting delayed due to various circumstances, will soon get married if they come to this Sthalam and worhsip God Shiva. Manmadhan is believed to have worshipped God Shiva at this sthalam. The shrine of Thirumananjeri is closely associated with legends that tell the story of Shiva's marriage to Parvati.

The temple is crowded at all times of the year, showing the importance of marriage in our community. One is supposed to offer special prayers to the lord, after which we are given the garlands worn by the god and goddess. We are supposed to keep this carefully till we get married, and then after the marriage, come back to the temple with one’s spouse, wearing the same garlands, and once again offer prayers as thanksgiving.

The place is sung by Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukkarasar and Sundarar. It is a holy place where the God and Goddes weds. Goddess Arulmigu Kogilambal born as a cow due to the curse of God Uthvaganathasamy. The cow then born as a daughter of saint Bharatwaja Rishi by worship the God Uthvaganathar. Then she chosen the Lord as her husband and got married as per the local ceremonies and formalities in this place. They have not set eyes on each other but they had set their hearts uinon.

The both present themselves as divine couples, stand with monarc on the south side of the temple, and blessing the devotees. The unmarried bribe and groom devotees who pray the divine couples for the arrangement of their marriage and the same will be settled by the Divine couples at an earliest possible by removing the obstructions which causes for the delayed marriage.

The Lord Kalyanasundarar stands as bridegroom and blessing the devotees. The Goddess Kogilambal seen the foot steps of the Lord by bowing her head with shyness. We can see such as glorious scenes only at this place.

And also the Lord gave 'Mangalya Pichai' to the 'Rathi Deve' and combined the both 'Manmathan and Rathi Devi' in this place. The Durgai Amman stands in the north side of the Goddess Kokilambal facing north direction. And the 'Raghu Bhagavan' who gave graces for the birth of child stands in the left side. It is an eye faced truth that the devotees who pray the Lord by offering garlands to the divine couples for wedding ambition the eternal couples bless the devotees with grace to attain their ambition with in a short period after their prayers.

The unmarried youths and Ladies should pray the divine couples with whole hearted by offering Garlands to the devotees. Then the obstrucles stands for the delayed marriage will be solved by removing the hindrances and their marriage will be settled at an earliest possible by the grace of the divine couples.

After marriage the married couples should come once again to this place and complete their prayer by worshiping the Lord Kalyanasundarar.

The married couples who were separated from their married life for various resons may also come and pray the Lord Kalyanasundara for their unity. This kind of prayer is also conducted in this temple.


Sarabeswarar has a separate sanhnhathi in Kambahareswarar Temple in Thirubuvanam, which is about 10 km away from Kumbakonam on the way to Mayilatuthurai. The Main Deity in Thirubuvanam is Kambarahareswarar. ( Kamba – trembling, Hara – Removeing ). As the deity here in Thirubuvanam removed the fear of people towards Narasimma and ceased the temples, he is worshipped as Kambahareswarar. The deity cured the shivering experience of Prahalatha. A Pandiya King named varaguna pandiyan got rid of his shivering due to the Brammahaththi Dhosham by worshipping here in Thirubuvanam.

According to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva sends Veerabhadra to quell the anger of Lord Narasimha He had vanquished the demon King Hiranyakashipu. Unable to control the turbulence of Lord Narasimha, Veerabhadra pleads with Lord Shiva for help. A shaft of light enters Veerabhadra who assumes the magnificient form of Lord Sarabeswarar. The 12 feet panchaloha idol of Sri Veera Sarabeswarar at the ashram is half-bird and half-beast, with two wings bearing Goddess Sri Ugra Prathyankira and Goddess Sri Soolini. The face is that of a Yali. Sri Sarabeswarar bears a deer, battle axe, snake and fire in his four hands. He also bears Bhairava and Agni in his abdomen. Two of his four feet rest on a mountain. The benign grace of Lord Veera Sarabeswarar is said to protect devotees from all kinds of malevolent forces. The Ashta Bhairavar's Achithanga Bhairavar, Ruru Bhairavar, Chanda, Krodana, Kabala, Unmatha, Bheeshana, Samkara and Svarnakarshana Bhairava are installed around the shrine.

The divine forms like Sri Narasimmar, Sri Sarabeswarar, Mother Kaali, and Sri Varabadhrar are full of Agni thathva and are most Ugra (more aggressive forms) forms. There are some simple ways where we can convert these Agni Shakthi and the Ugra Shakthi to blessings for us. The divine incarnation of Sri Sarabeswarar stands as a strong bond between the Saivates and the Vaishnavaites and so to again enforce the same is why we have the pooja with the water mixed with Tulsi and Vilva. This worship of Abhishekam with water stands as a process of cooling the Ugra forms. We need to chant the Ashtothra mantras of Sri Sarabeswarar by using the Sandal, Turmeric and Butter balls. The butter used for this archana needs to be very pure and it’s more special when we could do the archana using the cow’s butter. The Siddhas always enforce the methods towards the poojs or the worships where one needs to create the Sandal wood paste by oneself by rubbing the sandal wood on the stone and by creating the turmeric paste also manually by rubbing the turmeric on the stone to get the turmeric paste. More important is that not only we do the Sandal and turmeric paste manually but also to chant the divine names when doing them.

Under any circumstances it’s most important for us to be bold and not to lose our mental strength. To be blessed on that we need Sri Sarabeswarar’s blessings. So it’s always good to do the poojas at least every 15 days. We can do the worship sitting at house itself and it’s the best when we can do the pooja during Sunday between 4:30 to 6:00 evening. Once you get opportunity to Dharshan the Lord sarabeshwarar you will get all boon.


Pooja For Problems In Pregnancy and For A Normal Delivery

Legend has it that a sage by name Nithruvar once resided in the place with his pregnant wife Vethigai.[4] Once when Nithruvar was out, another sage Orthuvapathar visited the hermitage. He requested for food, but due to her tiredness, Vethigai did not respond in time.[4] This resulted in Orthuvapathar getting angry and cursed Vethigai to have a child with handicap. Vethigai begged the deity in the temple and as a result got a healthy infant. When Vethigai narrated this to her husband Nithruvar, he was surprised.[4] He prayed to the deity in the temple to save all the pregnant ladies who worship in this temple.[4] The temple is hence famed for saving pregnant women to smooth delivery.[5] The worship of the deity is believed to provide cure to all pregnancy related issues. The deity here is termed Garbharakshambigai, meaning saviour or pregnant woman. This place has been referred to in thevaram written by Saint Poet (7th Century AD) Thirugnana Sambanthar and Sundarar.

Goddess Garbharakshambika is one of the most popular form of Shakti in Tamilnadu. She is the lovely embodiment of womanhood and in this avatar as Garbharakshambika she has been ever gracious upon all womanhood to be the Goddess responsible to take care of women with uterus related disorders and pregnancy. The fame of this temple rests largely upon the Goddess Shri Garbharakshambika (an avatar of Goddess Parvati) who offers protection to the human embryo. And it is no wonder that this temple draws worshippers from all sects.

It is believed that childless people who worship here with devotion and faith are blessed with pregnancy and pregnant women with safe deliveries. Unmarried women also pray here for their marriages. Special prayers are conducted by people on behalf of their pregnant relatives or friends.

The uniform experience of the people of these parts bears unfailing testimony to the said characteristic attributed to the Deity. The inhabitants of the village vouch the fact, that within living memory, there has been no case of fatality to the mother or child during confinement. Pregnant women from elsewhere come here and pray to the God and Goddess for a safe child birth. No one in this place has ever had a miscarriage or pregnancy problem. It is at a place like this that one can understand what "Divine Presence" is. This temple is specially meant for childless couples and pregnant women who want to pray for a trouble-free pregnancy & childbirth. The temple provides two kinds of prasadams - a castor oil bottle & ghee prasadam. Childless couples should take the ghee prasadam every night in small quantity. Expectant mothers should apply the castor oil on the stomach before delivery. Couples who beget children after praying to Garbarakshambigai Devi often bring the blessed child to the temple as a thanksgiving visit.