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Importance Of Homams And Benefits
Since ancient days, Homam deserves a very important and a righteous place. In Hindu Mythology, Homa (also known as Homam or Havan) refers to a divine ritual
Shashtiabtha Poorthi In Thirukadaiyur
Significance of Thirukkadaiyur / Thirukkadavur is one of the Attan Veerattana Sthalams of Lord Shiva. The main deity is Amritaghateswarar, the lord with the pot of nectar, the Lord of Death,
Importance & Benefits Of Navagraha
When Navagraham (Planets) move from one place to another it brings about changes in certain people's wellbeing and wealth. By worshipping the Navagraha we get huge

The sani is the planet which we call as saturn. The influence of Sani is greater in our life than any other planet. In reality the Sani is a judge who judges our activities and gives us the judgement all at once. If we are under the influence of the Sani planet then we will get the judgement all at once. At the same time when we are not influenced with the Sani planet we will get the judgement later on.

The planet sani is having greater power to change a king to beggar and a beggar to a king in a look from his eye. But all the activities of the planet sani will be under perfect judgement alone. The Sani is ruled by the Yamatharma raj. The Yama tharma raj is the ruler of the death too. The God Sani is worshipped with the decoration of black color dress and crow is the vehicle of the sani.

The sudden punishment or praise is always better than that of the later punishment or praise. So it is always good to be under the influence of the Planet Sani. Most of us fear for the God Sani because of the bad things happening in our life while the period of influence of Sani. It is all because of our own bad deeds and thoughts.

If we have good thoughts and activities along with the love on other people the god Sani will always do us greater favor. But it is natural that human mind is filled up with anger and jealous thoughts. This kind of thoughts and anger will be punished by the Sani and that is the reason everyone is afraid about the influence of Sani in their life. Such people who are under influence of the sani can go for the temple in Thirunallar.

It is the one and only temple for God Sani and it is very much sure the judgement will never change for all the people even though they come over here. Then if we think about the use in worshiping and performing poojas in the sani temple, we will get the answer as the effect of the judgement will be reduced for those who perform the rituals over there in the thirunallar temple.

This temple is having greater history that the nala king went to several places to rectify his dosham and finally he was saved from his doshas at this thirunallar temple. People can shed their sins by taking bath in the pond in this temple. It is a greater benefit for the people who worship the God Sani in the Saturdays. This will do perfect relief from their sufferings provided by the God Sani.

Since God sani is considered as a superior Judge we don’t have to fear about the things which we didn’t do any harm to others. If we love other people and do good things, which will equal the worship of the God Sani along with the rituals. Totally no one can convince the God Sani and the poojas will be reducing sufferings of the devotees.