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Importance Of Homams And Benefits
Since ancient days, Homam deserves a very important and a righteous place. In Hindu Mythology, Homa (also known as Homam or Havan) refers to a divine ritual
Shashtiabtha Poorthi In Thirukadaiyur
Significance of Thirukkadaiyur / Thirukkadavur is one of the Attan Veerattana Sthalams of Lord Shiva. The main deity is Amritaghateswarar, the lord with the pot of nectar, the Lord of Death,
Importance & Benefits Of Navagraha
When Navagraham (Planets) move from one place to another it brings about changes in certain people's wellbeing and wealth. By worshipping the Navagraha we get huge

The Guru is the most respected planet among all the navagrahas. It is because the guru is more powerful to take the people to greater heights in their life. It is a saying that one sight of guru will do wonders in our life. The power of guru is unlimited. The God Guru is a part of lord Shiva and we can see the shrine of guru in every Shiva temple all over the world. The benefits from the poojas done for the guru are unlimited.

Many people pray the guru with different rituals and add a lot of things in their life. Even the school students pray the guru and get higher marks in their exams. All the blessings are miracles when it comes to the guru. He is the leader of all arts and everything is possible with the power of guru. There is no need to worry about anything in this world when the vision of guru falls upon us.

Love with prayer will sure make the God Guru to shower blessings towards us. The temple for the guru is called as guru sthalam and it is situated in the Alangudi. We call the planet guru as Jupiter in English. When the guru is in proper place of our astrological chart then we will be the most powerful person in the whole world. At the same time guru is strict in good habits.

It is wrong to think God Guru will bless us with his power when we perform the rituals and do all those nasty habits which causes trouble to others. Guru will help the people who are with the good thoughts and activities only. That is the strict rule to get the blessings of the God Guru. Dhakshinamoorthy is the other name for the guru and he is the real master of all arts.

When we pray guru and start to perform all things in our life we will sure be a greatest success throughout our life time. Guru respects those who respect him a lot. He never allows bad thoughts to overcome us and spoil our life. There are several rituals conducted to get the power of guru. Even the fatal animals will never come near us if we have the influence of guru in our astrological chart.

There are specific mantras and poojas which make the God Guru to be kind with us. If we practice them perfectly the God Guru will do greater things in our life. When it comes to mantras we should not underestimate the value of them. The way of pronunciation is more important as well as the love for God.

When these both combine it is for sure we will become the person to get the influence of the Guru in our life. The mantras are not written by anyone but they are received from the God in order to the benefit of the human beings. No other creature praise God by mantras and they are having only five senses. The human beings are the one who are qualified to chant mantras and develop their life spiritually.