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Importance Of Homams And Benefits
Since ancient days, Homam deserves a very important and a righteous place. In Hindu Mythology, Homa (also known as Homam or Havan) refers to a divine ritual
Shashtiabtha Poorthi In Thirukadaiyur
Significance of Thirukkadaiyur / Thirukkadavur is one of the Attan Veerattana Sthalams of Lord Shiva. The main deity is Amritaghateswarar, the lord with the pot of nectar, the Lord of Death,
Importance & Benefits Of Navagraha
When Navagraham (Planets) move from one place to another it brings about changes in certain people's wellbeing and wealth. By worshipping the Navagraha we get huge
Chandra (Moon)

Chandran is the planet; we all know well, receive the light and power from the sun and give us the pleasant cool light at the night time. We don't know the importance of the moon and its efficiency. Many creatures are getting the benefit from the moon light at the night time. Due to the scientific advancement we miss the moon light a lot. We sleep in the electric night lamp and fan or air conditioned room. But our ancestors enjoy the moon light and get a lot of benefits from it by sleeping under the cool moon light

There are extraordinary benefits we can get by sleeping under the moon light and the fresh air instead of sleeping under the fan and the disastrous mosquito coils smell. In the point of the astrological view the moon is a great planet which decides a lot of important factors in our life. The moon is considered as a lovable god who can be easily pleased by simple prayers and will give greater benefits for those who surrender him. Like the nature of the moon planet the moon god gives us happiness in our life. When we pray sincerely to the moon god it will remove our sadness and sorrow suddenly and bless us with greater happiness.

The moon god is called as chandran in the Sanskrit and it is called as thingal in Tamil. The starting day of the week is Monday and it is denoting the chandran, the moon god. It is natural that everyone will be feeling discomfort to put greater work at the day of starting in the week. It is because of the nature of the Monday the day of moon. The moon denotes perfect cool and everyone should be cool and relaxed on the day of moon god to get the complete blessings of the moon god.

The thingalur is the place where we have a powerful temple for the moon god. No one exactly knows when the temple was built and the period was still under great confusion for the archaeological people. Certain things cannot be easily found out by scientific researches. They remain mystic throughout our life. The period of the moon temple is also one of them. Whatever it may be if we visit the temple we will sure enjoy the happiness in our life by sudden twists and turns.

We will be having happy and long life by praying the moon god in this temple. The Moon god favors the children a lot. It is the saying which says the goddess parvathi rules the moon planet. We all should go to this temple and get the blessings of the moon god for happier life. There will always be a special benefit if we go for a temple and pray the god. There will be a specialty for every temple. The complete benefit of praying the god in the particular temple will sure provide us the desired result. The moon god will never leave us unnoticed at any time