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Since ancient days, Homam deserves a very important and a righteous place. In Hindu Mythology, Homa (also known as Homam or Havan) refers to a divine ritual
Shashtiabtha Poorthi In Thirukadaiyur
Significance of Thirukkadaiyur / Thirukkadavur is one of the Attan Veerattana Sthalams of Lord Shiva. The main deity is Amritaghateswarar, the lord with the pot of nectar, the Lord of Death,
Importance & Benefits Of Navagraha
When Navagraham (Planets) move from one place to another it brings about changes in certain people's wellbeing and wealth. By worshipping the Navagraha we get huge
Surya (Sun)

Sooriyan is the planet we call as sun in English. It is the superior planet which decides the living beings to live in this earth. Without the effective sun no living beings can survive in this world. We all know the scientific importance of the sun very well. The sun light and warmth is the basic factor which decides the living factor of the living beings from amoeba to elephants.

All the trees and plants survive in this world with the help of the sunlight. The process of photosynthesis makes them live in this world. Without the power of the sun all the global things will lose their temperature and freeze in cold. The importance of the sun is considered greatly in the astrological point of view. The position of the sun in the astrological chart decides the health, prosperity and success in the taken field of the person

People who are living with greater success and health will be having the suriyan in the proper place of his astrological chart. The time of birth is considered as a important factor to decide ones future and all aspects in the life of a person. If the position of the sun is perfect in the astrological chart then all the decisions and activities taken in that person’s life will be perfect which eventually leads to happy life.

There are certain poojas and other religious rituals conducted to make the sun god suryan to get satisfied and bless us with his enormous power. People from many states conducts the pooja and festivals for the sun god in the mid of the month January

They celebrate the sun festival in a grand way to make the sun god happy. It is considered as a most important ritual as well as it can also be said that the living beings are thanking the sun god to experience the earthly life even though it contains sorrows and happiness.

They call it as harvest festival and the sun is worshiped in the early morning throughout the country. The temple for the sun god is the Suryanar Koil and in there the sun god is worshiped along with his wives chaya and Suvarcha. The sun god is related to fire and it is the full image of the fire. The fire is said to be the carrier of the submissions to the holy god. They are the perfect witness to all the functions and actions

Many marriages and Homams are performed in front of the fire and the fire will show the sincere response to the actions done in front of it. If a promise made in front of the fire and then if it is not kept properly they the fire will decide the judgment for that insincere action.

The sun and fire are the same and they are highly respected by all the other planets too. There are special Yoga exercises which give greater importance to the sun worship. If we pray the sun god sincerely and work hard we will achieve greater things in our life in short time duration.